If you want peace, Work for justice.

Working for justice helps people and usually when you help someone you feel good about yourself. When you help someone get out of a horrbal situation you really feel amazing and proud.
But Working for justice can bring violence and fighting. Fighting can cause a bigger situation and make everything worse. Getting in to a justice system can get you in trouble and even put you self in danger.
I don’t agree nor disagree. It has many ways of expressing how you feel about it.
It’s really both.

The Banana Tree Quiz

There is a orange tree,
There are three animals,
A monkey, a Giraffe, and a Hippo,
They are having a contest to see who can get the banana first,
Who do you think will be fastest up the tree?

You take a guess who you think will make it up the tree first…
Ill answer your question

Lazo Forest…

The forest… calm and quiet

Nothing around me

but the chattering of the wind.

As I look up I see a star made out of

the sunlight gleaming down through

the opening of the leaves.

When I look down I see

A lady bug crawling along the trail

When I look left and right I see trees

As tall as sky scrapers and wild flowers and

Surrounding me.

When I see all of these

Wonderful things I promise the forest

I’ll never litter or do anything to harm this beautiful

Wilderness and I also hope for everyone

else to do the same.

Easter Is Here

Star Design 9 by bcompetent.Easter

When Easter comes in spring I always have fun. Do you know why I have fun? Well I hunt for those mouth watering chocolate eggs and wanting to just have them without even trying to hunt. What do you do on Easter do you have an Easter diner or do you see all of your family or just have a regular normal day except for the chocolate eggs chocolate bunnies and other chocolaty thing?     What do you do on Easter?

Picture by: bcompetent


2012Do you think this could happen to the world, a huge tsunami crashing over the buildings and killing every last one of us?

After the tsunami no more people nothing left… No sound but the rumbling of the ground… awaiting for the next… Boom!!

Now again.. rumbling of the ground. One place to hide that you think is safe … under ground. The only thing you don’t know is the world wont be left no ground no nothing.

Where Ive Been In Two And A Half Weeks

My traveling time in one weekWOW! I went to all these places in 2 and a half weeks and that’s  just about traveling the whole Vancouver Island. First I  went to port Hardy then to Gold River. We stayed at my dads and then we got up and we made our way to Ucluelet and rested for another night there and while we were in Ucluelet before we left me and my mom went to the boat wharf and we saw a whole bunch of whales swimming and jumping with glee. Next we drove to Victoria and stayed a night and nothing interesting was there but a couple of my friends. THEN… We made our way to Nanaimo we went shopping and we went on the water slides at the pool!!! YAY! My mom and I are on our way to camel river were my brothers girl friend lives shes one of my buddies and well we went to the Austrian Chalet that’s a pool at the Best Western. Well have you ever traveled any ware? if you have comment on my post. 😀

Best Friends

Best Friends, People who care for me and really to them I am a good friend.

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